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The school is a mixed primary school catering for the needs of children between the ages of 3 and 11 years of age.

Our Vision

We encourage positive action within the school and the wider community. We provide a safe, welcoming and compassionate environment where children, parents and staff are valued and respected.

Our Aims

Create a happy, safe, caring learning environment. Provide a stimulating, balanced, broad and challenging curriculum.

Head Teachers Update

Well the New year is well and truly upon us. How many of us have already made and possibly broken a New Year’s Resolution? Maybe the key to a successful 2017 is not to make resolutions but to view the year ahead as an open book, as yet unwritten. The pages are blank waiting to be filled with new and exciting events, ideas, thoughts and actions.

At school it is our aim to make the learning experiences that we provide for the children as meaningful, varied and as exciting as possible. At the recent Parents’ Evening, many parents reflected that they could remember going swimming with their classmates, or going on a residential visit, or taking part in Sports days or remember enjoying a specific hands-on practical activity, even though their own school days were quite a few years behind them. It is these memorable experiences that we should be filling the pages of our own 2017 book with.

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Head Teachers Award

Head Teachers award this week goes to Rufus - For being kind and thoughtful to your fellow classmates. You really are a super role model for others to look up to!

Class 1 Star

Class 1 star of the week this week goes to Anya - For being the most helpful person in the class! You really are enjoying everything we do in school! You are a super - star!

Class 1

Class 2 Star

Class 2 star of the week goes to Ksawery – You are a breath of fresh air with your enthusiasm and sense of fun!

Class 2

Class 3 Star

Class 3 star of the week goes to Harry M - For attacking maths this week with enthusiasm and positivity, well done!

Class 3

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