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Class 1 Spring Term Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Every January I feel the need to comment on the children’s performance at the school Nativity, and this is no exception! I was extremely proud of each and every child in Class One and the Nursery at the end of last term, they continued to work hard right up to the end of term. The Christmas books produced by Reception and Year 1 children really were beautiful. The Nativity was wonderful. Every child took part and enjoyed themselves. Thank you so much to all the parents for helping your child to learn songs and lines, providing costumes and coming to the actual performance. I am sure that each of you will recognise the progress that your child has made in just one term at school. During the Spring Term, we will be consolidating that progress and increasing the duration and pace of learning in lessons.

Reading and Writing skills.
The Reception children will be beginning Phase 3 in Phonics. This is an intensive phase where the children rapidly learn many of the more tricky sounds and spelling patterns. The Nursery children will continue to enjoy stories, practise rhyme and listen for initial sounds and begin to look for them in our learning environment. We will be continuing our weekly handwriting practice. For the Reception children, this will incorporate large scale letter formation using writing wands or ribbons, making letter shapes in sand trays, paint or water and the more traditional practice of correctly forming the letters on paper. For each letter shape we will teach a simple rhyme which will explain the shape of the letter. When your child is writing at home please encourage them to say the rhyme as they make the letters. Year 1 children will continue with the handwriting sheets. We are really focussing on correct letter formation.

The EYFS Curriculum.
The three main topics we will be covering this term are; Kings and Queens, Seasons and Weather and Nocturnal Animals. The topics will usually last between 3 – 4 weeks.
We are very much committed to reintroducing Forest School activities which will take place once a week, usually on a morning. Please ensure that your child has waterproof/spare trousers, a warm coat and wellies in school at all times for these and other exciting outdoor learning opportunities.

Year One Curriculum
The focus for this term is Kings and Queens – The Tudors, we will be looking at Henry VIII, his wives and lifestyle. We will be making crowns, painting portraits of ourselves and of the Tudors, we will endeavour to recreate Tudor houses and even make food
fit for a Tudor banquet!
In PSHE we will be looking at keeping ourselves safe when online, and also preparing for Fairtrade fortnight. In Computing we will be creating an e-book by adding words and pictures, in PE we will be playing team games, multi - skills and focussing on throwing and catching. In RE we will find out about Judaism and learn the Easter story.

Homework and Reading.
All Reception children now have a reading book, which I aim to change every day. We really value your comments and would ask that when you share a book with your child that you write a comment in the reading records for us. Ideally I would like for the children to share their book with an adult every night, this should take no longer than 5 or 10 minutes.
During the next few weeks I will be introducing some simple homework for the Reception children. This may be phonics related, topic related or something that is of interest to your particular child. If your child does not want to do the homework, please do not force them to complete it, send it back to school and we will find time to do it during the day. I do appreciate how tired the children get and I do not want to turn the children off learning, especially as I have such an enthusiastic bunch! The Year 1 children are well into the routine of weekly homework and spellings to learn. You will notice that the level of challenge in the homework will increase.

Class One will have Football/Multiskills with Rowan each Friday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has suitable outdoor PE kit and trainers in school.

We try to keep parents as fully informed about school, visits and anything extra happening in school via school letters. Some parents already have these delivered by email. If anyone would prefer to receive all possible letters this way, please send in your details to the school office. There will of course be occasions when we do not have an electronic version to send and so these will be sent home via your child.
Mrs Evans, Miss Simpson and I are always available for a chat at the start or the end of any day and we would urge you to come in and see us at your earliest convenience should you have any concerns, or questions about what is happening at school.

I am really looking forward to meeting up with you at the forthcoming Parents’ Evening, Monday 22nd January. You will have the opportunity to look at some of your child’s work and have a 10-minute confidential appointment with me.

I would like to thank everyone for their support during the first term, the Christmas gifts and kind messages sent in cards were very much appreciated. I am sure that the Spring Term will be just as much fun for the children and the staff!

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Harrison. 


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