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Class 2 Summer Term Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by and thatI hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown by and that we now find ourselves two weeks in to the summer term, (not that you would know it from the weather!)

Our World of Gardens topic will provide us with many exciting hands-on and interactive learningopportunities. We have already had a fantastic visit to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and thereare more garden visits to come later in the term. There will also be a Royal Wedding Garden party on Friday 18th May at 2pm. In addition, we have the usual summer term fun planned - Sports’ Day, (Tuesday 5th June 2pm), KS2 Residential, Cumberland Show, Celebration Assembly and so on as wellas some crazy events planned by the Rota Kids!

Our class assembly this term will take place on Tuesday 3rd July at 3pm in the school hall.

Routines / Housekeeping

Water bottles – quite a few children do not seem to have water bottles in school. This is a nuisance as they need to go thirsty or borrow a cup from the kitchen which often leads to spillage. Could you please check with our child and, if necessary, send in a labelled water bottle to school? (This needs to be dishwasher friendly.)


Homework continues as before. The children in Year 3 have a temporary break from weekly literacy homework as they have been given a homework project to carry out over a few weeks. I would be grateful if you would support your Year 3 children with their projects. As this is their first one they will need some guidance on how to interpret the brief and how to present their work. It would also be helpful if you could encourage them to do a section each week rather than leaving it all to the last minute.
Spellings – please continue to practise spellings regularly through the week, (not just on a Thursday night!) and for children in Year 3 also practise putting words into sentences and writing definitions as these will also be tested.
Reading – could I ask that you continue to support your children’s progress in reading by hearing them read regularly through the week? Even if your child is now a fluent reader, it is very important that they continue to share books with you, and even more important that you talk about the book with them asking questions which check their understanding, help develop their inference skills and widen their vocabulary. Children who read regularly at home make more progress than those who do not.


Year 2 – As explained at the information session last term, the children in Year 2 will have to sit a range of tests. As you know these tests are controversial and quite challenging! Hopefully, the revision booklets that most of you purchased last term have been helpful. Please continue with helping your children work through these – such extra practice is invaluable, even for the most able children.

Year 3 – The children in Year 3 do not have national tests to sit but I will still be carrying out routine half termly assessments which will also take place during the last week of this half term, and again towards the end of the second half term.

Going for Gold

At the end of the spring term, I assessed all the children on their Going for Gold targets. Since returning to school, I have awarded certificates and sent home new target sheets. If your child still has their bronze and / or silver target on the sheet, it means that they have not yet achieved those targets. If this is the case, please help your child practise the necessary skills in order to complement what we are doing in school. Particularly with English targets, which are mainly spelling related, it is a case of practice makes perfect! 

KS2 Residential

Most of the Year 3 children will be going on the residential trip to Buttermere Youth Hostel (Monday 11th June – Thursday 14th June) with Class 3, led by Mr Bulmer. This year, I will accompany the trip for the whole week and Miss Young will remain in school with the Year 2 children and those in Year 3 who are not going. 

The Creative Curriculum – World of Gardens

In Class 2 our focus for each subject area will be as follows:

  • Art: colour matching, still life painting, floral art inspired by famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet etc.
  • Computing: creating Excel spreadsheets & charts based on tallest trees, favourite flowers etc.
  • D and T: designing, making and hosting a Fairtrade and local Royal Wedding garden party
  • Geography & History: world maps, garden mapping, comparison of plants in the UK with plants in the rainforest, tropical climates;
  • Music: exploring music and songs which represent the weather, finding out about rainforest instruments, designing and making an instrument, composing a piece of music;
  • PSHE: finding out what happens to rubbish, what recycling means, the impact of litter on our environment and a degradation test;
  • PE: football with Rowan on Fridays, rounders, running, discus, javelin, long jump.
  • RE: visiting, exploring and finding out about our local church, learning about the Garden of Eden and the story of Creation;
  • Science: sorting plant materials, planting seeds, labelling parts of a plant, the role of leaves, photosynthesis, pollination, seed dispersal, life cycles of plants, investigations – what makes a plant grow well? How does a stem transport water around the plant?

Core Skills

English and Maths units of work to be covered this term are as follows:

English Mathematics
  • Non-fiction – plants;
  • Stories and poems about plants;
  • Classic literature – Flower Fairies, the Secret Garden, James and the Giant Peach.
  • Number, place value and money;
  • Addition and subtraction;
  • Multiplication and division;
  • Fractions;
  • Measures – capacity and time,
  • Shape;
  • Statistics.

I hope that this newsletter will be useful to you. As ever I am available for a chat at the beginning and end of the school day, so please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any queries or concerns.I hope that this newsletter will be useful to you. As ever I am available for a chat at the beginning and end of the school day, so please do not hesitate to come and see me if you have any queries or concerns.

If you need to send me an e-mail please do so! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I am looking forward to another exciting term with the children and I hope they are too!

Yours sincerely,

Fiona Sweetman

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