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Our ROTA Kids are Jasmine, Honoré, Jade, Mark and Oliver

Class 3 Summer Term Newsletter

Dear Parents,

This is going to be a short letter to make up for the two previous humongous ones. We have now entered our third and final term of the school year and I am not changing much so there is no need to repeat information.

Firstly, it was a pleasure to listen to the presentations before Easter. It will serve the children well in later life to know that they are able to stand in front of an audience and present to them. I look forward to reading the projects and will endeavour to get feedback back as soon as possible.

Our topic for this term is Ancient Greece. I hope it will be very interesting for the children and build upon the learning we have done previously. They should be building a concept of the timeline of the major historical civilisations and British history through the ages.

Unfortunately, the topic doesn’t lend itself to many visits but we have got the residential to look forward to. I have already started to hear the buzz of excitement in the children’s conversations and it will come around very quickly.

Disappointingly, a number of times last term we had an issue with PE kits not being in school when we did PE. Please can everyone have their kit in on a Monday morning and leave it in all week. It is usually a Wednesday and/or Thursday but it is not uncommon for it to happen at other times of the week.

I am pleased to say that the reading pledge has been a fantastic success so we will continue with it. At the end of last term, when I collected the records in, 23 out of the 31 children taking part had read pretty much every night for the 12 weeks of the Spring term. 18 of those children had hardly even missed a night. When you add this to the amount of reading Mrs Lupton, Mrs Sweetman and I did for them, it amounts to a serious number of pages of literature. I will be encouraging the children who chose, for whatever reason, to not take part fully to do so this term but I will also find a way to reward the superstars to show my appreciation to them.

After a break for the projects, homework will return. They will have to write 10 sentences for their spelling words as literacy homework and they will get a piece of Maths homework on a Monday to be handed back in on a Thursday. Please provide help and support for them while they do their homework and encourage them to be inventive and ambitious with their sentences. Encourage them to write complex sentences using interesting words and punctuation.Finally, I will re-iterate, as I always do in these letters, that Miss Pennington and/or I are happy to see you whenever if you have anything to say or something to discuss. It doesn’t need to wait for a parents’ evening.

I told you it was going to be brief and to the point!

Best Wishes,

Simon Bulmer

Upcoming Dates For The Diary

Residential Meeting: Monday 15th May
Sports Day: Thursday 18th May
Hand in Medicines for Residential: Wednesday 24th May
Class photo: Thursday 25th May

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