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lynn harrison

Well the New year is well and truly upon us. How many of us have already made and possibly broken a New Year’s Resolution? Maybe the key to a successful 2017 is not to make resolutions but to view the year ahead as an open book, as yet unwritten. The pages are blank waiting to be filled with new and exciting events, ideas, thoughts and actions.

At school it is our aim to make the learning experiences that we provide for the children as meaningful, varied and as exciting as possible. At the recent Parents’ Evening, many parents reflected that they could remember going swimming with their classmates, or going on a residential visit, or taking part in Sports days or remember enjoying a specific hands-on practical activity, even though their own school days were quite a few years behind them. It is these memorable experiences that we should be filling the pages of our own 2017 book with.

We are so lucky to live in such an idyllic part of the country, we have everything we could wish for and more. We have the opportunity to embrace new experiences and live in the relative safety that the countryside affords us. Sometimes we forget that there are so many people much less fortunate than us.

This term we are going to be learning all about the pilgrim fathers and their voyage on the Mayflower to America. These brave explorers set off, leaving everything they knew behind with a hope and optimism for a better life.

For centuries now, people have left their homes in search of a better life, some have been more successful than others, but on the whole have been welcomed and settled.

Had it not been for the welcome and support of the Native Americans, who knows what fate would have met the pilgrims 400 hundred years ago?

Today there are so many people who, like the pilgrims, have left their homes, perhaps because they simply want a better life, or more likely that they fear for their lives, how many of us around the world are going to offer the welcome and the support that the Native Americans did so long ago? Perhaps a more pressing question to ask ourselves is ‘what will happen if we don’t?’

The world in which we live is a rich and diverse, rapidly changing and evolving exciting place to live in. At Irthington Village School, we actively promote enquiring and questioning minds, an openness to and respect of new religions and cultures and keenness to really make a difference.

It is my hope that everyone can look back on their individual ‘Book of 2017’ and be proud of their accomplishments and the differences they have made!

Lynn Harrison 

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