On Friday 12th January 2018, Class 1 had their first Forest Schools session of 2018. We had lots of fun playing outside with the bikes and trikes, hula-hoops, bouncy hoppers, digging in the sand pit and having lots of fun in the mud!

Look at Class 2 all dressed up for the Christmas party! Don’t we look smart! We all had a wonderful time!

On Tuesday 5th December 2018, Reuben and Ariana’s grandparents came into school to talk to us about life in India whilst they were growing up. They brought some food for us to try. These were carrot and cauliflower pakoras. These were delicious!!

Our industrious group of gardeners have been busy clearing the garden ready for the winter! We have also harvested some late lettuce which everyone has enjoyed at dinner time. And of course, it is always fun to look at the variety of wildlife in our garden – earthworms, snails, earwigs and the like!

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