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Class 1 Summer Term Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Here we are in the third and final term of the school year! Mrs Evans, Miss Simpson and I have really noticed how grown up everyone is, physically, emotionally and academically!

Somehow, everything starts to slot into place, the reading is more fluent, writing is detailed and number recognition comes more naturally! We still have the longest term to go, and I am sure that you will see even more dramatic progress in your own child.

Our current topic is Dinosaurs, and as you know, we enjoyed our trip to Dino Land and we have another exciting trip planned in June, watch out for details!!! For the first half term we will be focussing on living things; identifying and classifying dinosaurs and we will be using scientific language so expect to hear the words ‘herbivore, carnivore and omnivore’ banded about at home! We will extend our scientific enquiry the next half term through a study of mini beasts! In other subjects we will be creating fact files, consolidating mapping skills, drawing with charcoal, adding percussion to action songs, reading bible stories, playing hockey and rounders and preparing for Sports Day! All very exciting I’m sure you will agree!!

Class One Assembly.

A new date for your diary is Friday 28 June. We will hold our class assembly at 9.15am. All children who attend school on a Thursday will take part. I look forward to seeing you all at our final assembly for the year.

Reading and Writing skills.

Mrs Evans’ phonics group are moving onto phase 4. My group have finished phase 5 and I have assessed the children in terms of ability to read the phase 5 words and the ability to spell the same words. In order to achieve phase 5, we need a success rate of 70% or above. As you would expect some children have achieved this and some have not.  So, for the rest of this term I will revise and consolidate these tricky words and sounds, whilst extending the difficulty of words and associated tasks. This way the whole year group will be ready to start the Year 2 spelling  programme with Mrs Sweetman in September.

Nursery children continue to learn new sounds and enjoy stories and rhymes each morning with Miss Simpson. It has been a joy to welcome, Harper, Madison, Aniela, Mikolaj and Lucas into Nursery and we hope to see Noah, very soon!

The Year One children will sit their Phonics Screening check in June. I will keep this as low key and fun as possible!

In literacy I am extending the Year Ones to write longer pieces of writing with accurate punctuation ( . , ! ?)  and  joining words (and, because, but, then, after). I expect the pupils to read through their own work and look for and amend errors! In Maths we will be tackling problem solving, division and fractions!

I am also focussing on reading and writing of numbers (words and digits) to 20 and beyond.

Expectations for the Reception children are once again raised in readiness for their final term. I will be focussing on sentence construction and neat and accurate letter formation. Ideally, I would like all Reception children to be able to write short captions and simple sentences which contain capital letters and full stops by the end of the year. Reading underpins all other learning at this vital stage and so please continue with the good work of hearing your child read every night and sharing a love of books and stories!

In maths we will be encouraging neat recording of simple addition and subtractions, number bonds to 10 and beyond, counting and recognising digits beyond 20! We have also begun counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100 and back!

I appreciate that this sounds intensive but as I am sure you are aware, we do have lots of fun and hands on practical activities to facilitate this learning!


Class One will have Football/Multiskills with Rowan each Friday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has suitable outdoor PE kit and trainers in school.


I am really looking forward to meeting up with you at the Summer Parents’ Evening, in July. You will have the opportunity to look at some of your child’s work and have a 10-minute confidential appointment with me. In the interim, Mrs Evans, Miss Simpson and I are always available for a chat at the start or the end of any day and we would urge you to come in and see us at your earliest convenience should you have any concerns, or questions about what is happening at school.

Going For Gold

I have assessed all the children against their going for Gold targets, and certificates have been sent home. If your child still has a Silver target outstanding, please help them to practise and I will assess again shortly. 

Thank you as always, for your continued support as we work together for the very best outcomes for every child in my class.

Yours sincerely,

Lynn Harrison. 


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