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Class 3 Summer Term Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Incredibly, it is already the Summer Term. And that means only one thing… even more hard work and an even busier list of activities and events! This time of year is very busy and Miss Pennington and I are working hard to make the next few months both fun and productive.Incredibly, it is already the Summer Term. And that means only one thing… even more hard work and an even busier list of activities and events! This time of year is very busy and Miss Pennington and I are working hard to make the next few months both fun and productive.

There are a few more trips to go on and the residential; Sports Day, Summer Fair, Royal Wedding Garden Party, transition days, not to mention all the end of term performances and celebrations - it certainly is a busy time of year and the children need to remain focussed on trying their hardest right up until the end. Now is the time when a lot of the learning we have done starts to bed in and become secure. Encourage them to do their best, complete their homework properly and learn their spellings and times tables.

By the end of this week, the children will bring home their final GOLD Going for Gold target. Most of the children will have achieved their Bronze and Silver target, however there are some that are finding them a bit of a stumbling block. I encourage you all to read the targets and ask your child what help they need to achieve the troublesome ones.

Also, this week, I will send out the details of the new project that I have revamped. It will not officially start until after the SATs but by putting the letter out early it gives you plenty of time to work out what your child will do and how they will set about it. In a nutshell - I have stripped it right back, made it more practical and hopefully significantly reduced the laborious part of it.

The reading pledge still seems to be having a positive effect on the children. It is me that finds it difficult to keep up my end of the bargain! I am redoubling my efforts this term and so far, so good! I was really pleased at Easter to be able to give 27 children treats for a completed pledge card. I trust the children are actually reading and not just getting it signed!

As you may have guessed from our trip to Edinburgh, our topic this term is ‘The World of Gardens’. We will be looking at a variety of gardens/ecosystems in both this country and around the world; using the natural world to create art; making music and musical instruments inspired by natural resources; looking at the works of famous landscape and still-life artists; human impact on nature: recycling, litter and pollution; mapping skills and physical geographic features; healthy eating and in science we will look at light and the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Unfortunately, it’s time for a moan… the incidences of having to ring home for forgotten kit etc. are rising. I know it is not easy and the children would forget their head if it wasn’t screwed on, but it’s a pain to have to ring up at the last minute and drag you out of whatever you’re doing for the sake of a pair of trainers. And if you can’t make it in then your child misses out on something that is both important and fun. PE kit should be in school all week (although we usually do it on Thursday). Kit for Kenny needs to be in on Wednesday. I advise that they have separate boots/ trainers and socks for Kenny’s because they often get muddy and wet. When that happens, Kenny’s kit can happily go home for a dry or a wash safe in the knowledge that their proper PE kit is still in school. I appreciate this doesn’t apply to most of you, but this letter is my chance to reach you all because nagging the children doesn’t seem to make a difference.

End of moan – pretty much all organisational arrangements and routines remain the same and most of the children are pretty good at knowing what needs doing and when. 

Homework arrangements remain the same but here’s a quick re-cap: maths is given out on a Monday and needs to be back on Thursday morning, for literacy they have to write one sentence per spelling word and they are checked on a Thursday morning. We do the sentences for two reasons. Firstly, it helps them to remember how to spell and use the word. Secondly, I ask for adventurous or interesting sentences using a variety of punctuation or connectives. This is to get them into the mindset of trying to make every sentence they write of high quality. When we go through them, the children get a further opportunity to review their work and edit it.

Before Easter, Class 3 introduced a Golden Time system, whereby I reward the children who do everything that is expected of them with 30 minutes of free choosing time to play games, read, draw or chat. But, it goes without saying that the children who haven’t done homework or have misbehaved in some way miss some or all of the time, depending on the offence.

I would like to put on record my thanks to Mrs Lawson and Mrs Little who volunteered to come into class and listen to readers. The children love reading to a different person and (I think) they like listening too.

As always, if there is anything you want to discuss don’t hesitate to come in, phone school or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Emails don’t always get checked every day so if it is of an important nature please ring or come in.

Yours Sincerely,

Simon Bulmer

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