Next PTA Meeting

Tuesday 24th Sept 2019 at 7pm

Future PTA Events

Games Night – 26th February

We will have a “Are you smarter than an 8 year old” type quiz and a game of Bingo. It will be £1 per person to enter each game. Mr Bulmer will be quiz master and Fiona will be the bingo caller.
We will have a raffle so can people please bring raffle prizes.
We will have a tuck shop selling snacks and soft drinks, but you can bring your own alcohol if you wish.
We also discussed having a games room in class 3

Easter Coffee Morning – 24th March 9am – 10.30am

We will need at least 6 helpers on the day. If you can help let Emma S know.
We will have a cake stall, chocolate tombola, raffle and Egg Hunt.
There will be a non-uniform day on Tuesday 22nd March in exchange for an item for the chocolate Tombola. Fiona will arrange the egg hunt and put a poster in the parish magazine.
Setting up will be on Wednesday after school. It has been commented that we need more large type cakes on the cake stalls.

Everesting – 21st May

The idea is to cycle up Newtown bank as many times as it takes to cover the height of Everest, we think this is approximately 300 times. You can get more details of this on for an idea of how it works.
Simon, Heidi, Fiona and Emma S will form a sub-committee to arrange the finer details of this. We discussed a minimum entry fee of £1 per person with people getting sponsorship if they wish. We will also try and get some corporate sponsorship. We will need stewards, first aiders and a base camp for refreshments. More details will follow at the next meeting.

School Summer Fair – 26th June

We will start planning this at the next event.
It has been suggested that we have a formal opening and no buying from stalls until the fair has been formally opened. We will have a theme to tie in with what that terms topic is, possibly Romans.
We will look at the lay out and see if we can get a wow factor there or something like a photo booth, ferret racing etc to entertain people for a bit longer.
We need new bunting and a new banner.

Summer Camp Out - 15th July

This will be open to all families with children in school. If anyone doesn’t want to camp then they can still come for the BBQ and games. More details will be arranged at the next meeting.

PTA Questionnaire 2019

Thank you to all who completed a questionnaire recently. The results of this will help us form future fundraising and spend opportunities. The complete, anonymous summary of results can be found in the links below.


PTA Committee

The General Committee, an elected group of parents and teaching staff, has responsibility for, and supports the administration of, ALL the affairs of the Association. The committee is structured in a way that provides a framework which can support all the activities undertaken by the PTA – and we are always on the lookout for people to give a helping hand.

Elected members for this year are:

Diane Bryant

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Chairs all meetings, prepares agendas for AGM and all other meetings. Prepares PTA newsletters/notes for Mrs Lawson to send home with the children, and a copy for the school website PTA pages. Arranges and oversees events with others, keeps full records of useful PTA information, contacts, businesses approached for prize donations, comments following events, forms required for events etc

Julie Storr and Ruth Coulthard

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Assists Chair, chairing meetings etc

Rachel Smithson

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Attends meetings and takes notes, recording decisions and proposals, and who is responsible for actions. Makes sure action points are clear, types up minutes and emails them to Mrs Harrison/Chair. Prints off and files minutes and sends to Diane Bryant to update on the school website PTA pages.

Ryan Patterson

Email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Maintains all financial records, prepares floats for events, counts takings from events, banks cash, and arranges cheque payments once receipts received. Makes sure the annual lottery license form and PTA insurance is paid for, and completes the annual return.

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